Efficient business presentation training

The training is recommended to:

- people who would like to improve their presentation skills and become more self-confident presenters

- people who often give lectures in English and consider it important to give one, which can catch and maintain the interest of the audience during the whole presentation

Topics of the training:

  1. How to start preparing and giving a good presentation: organizational tasks, preparation for the presentation
  2. What makes a good /effective presentation: necessary personnel and equipment terms
  3. Secrets of preparing slides: appearance, content
  4. What kind of difficult situations can occur, how we can handle them
  5. 'Presentation tricks'

All these are put in a lot of practices: role plays, situations, mini presentations.

The training primarily focuses on how we as presenters can be effective and only briefly deals with the preparation of ppt materials.

Number of participants: 6-8 persons

Requirement of participation: English knowledge on good communication level

Trainer: Renáta Hirskó – HR specialist, trainer, language coach, coach